Sex ACT: A workshop, not an offer

ACT Workshop - September 2024

Course Summary


Do you work with humans?  Do you ever feel uncomfortable openly exploring and discussing issues of sex and sexuality in your ACT practice? Would you like to explore how to overcome the barriers that get in the way of you being more helpful to people in this area of their lives?

Sex and sexuality are vital and fulfilling parts of our human existence.  Let's bring this work to life for ourselves and our clients with joy and confidence, to explore the value of sexuality.   This workshop is for ACT practitioners at any level of training.  It will include some didactic teaching and experiential exercises to help you explore your own fusion and other internal barriers to this work.  Whether you, or those you work with, have experienced trauma, or simply want to explore and expand the pleasure of sex and sexuality in life, this workshop is for you. We will open a discussion about language, strategies for exploration, and how to develop a flexible behavioural repertoire as you approach the subject of sex and sexuality.

Learning Objectives

By attending this workshop delegates will learn how to:
- Speak about issues around sexuality in a manner that promotes inclusivity of a range of identities and behaviours
- Describe their internal barriers to discussing sexuality with clients and devise strategies for managing these as they arise in session
- Confidently invite open conversations with clients around sexuality as a value


13 September 2024, 10am-12pm


£35 (plus VAT)

Course Curriculum

Dawn Johnson

Dr Dawn Johnson works as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice, offering therapy, teaching, training, supervision, and consultation. In a long NHS career, she gained extensive experience of adapting and differentiating ACT and other contextual behavioural interventions to work with people with intellectual disabilities, neuro-diversity, people in acute psychological distress, enduring mental health presentations, and the general public. Dawn also uses ACT systemically, having been involved in providing interventions and consultations with families, carers, non-health professionals and with NHS staff at an organisational level. She regularly delivers ACT training and ACT-informed staff wellbeing workshops. Dawn is an active member of ACBS as a board member of the UK and Ireland Chapter, and as a member of various strategic committees. She is the co-author of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Responses to Frequently Asked Questions

"This was a really uplifting celebration of human sexuality. It gave me a lot of confidence to have conversations about sex and intimacy with my clients. I learned a bit about myself too! Dawn's knowledge, and passion for the subject are really evident"

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